Jason is an asset to any infrastructure and operations division of a corporation. His ability to quickly adapt, develop and architect solutions is incredible. Jason's an out of boxer thinker that is proactively crafting solutions that return value. It is with pleasure I recommend his CV and professional career.

Sid K. Hasan
Retail Futurist | Founder of MeSpoke

Jason is a disciplined and knowledgeable web technologist. He is detail-oriented and is always eager to learn something new while keeping himself up-to-date on latest technologies and development styles.

Ashwani Kumar
Product Development Manager

Jason and I worked together as web developers ten years ago. Jason's technical knowledge and ability to execute effectively were valuable skills that helped the company deliver quality web applications to customers, and he taught me many things about software development on Internet time that I carry with me to this day.

Paul Hyland
Digital Technology Consultant

Jason is an excellent admin and developer. In fact, there isn't much that Jason can't do. He has robust knowledge of all of the latest operating systems, platforms and development languages. I highly recommend Jason if you're looking for someone who has wide variety of skills.

Brian Lowry
Partner & Broker at Northeast Restaurant Group

I worked with Jason back in the 90's in Northern Virginia, and I've since worked with him on occasion building web content. He's always willing to jump into a project and do whatever it takes to get it done. He is the Swiss army knife of technical talent.

Ian Gillespie
Graphic Designer

Jason was a unique pleasure to work with as part of the product development team at Paxfire. Articulate, responsible, detail oriented, focused, driven, team player - what more can I say? The product managers had the utmost confidence in his ability to understand requirements and translate those into running code. Jason was a great asset to the team and is missed!

Tom Newell
Children's Ski School Supervisor, Telluride Ski Resort

Jason worked in a dynamic, fluid environment with shifting priorities, but he was always approachable and willing to accept new challenges as they emerged. He is technically talented, and I personally enjoyed working with him.

Matthew Kirn
Product Manager, CareFirst

Jason Poole is one of few developers that has not only superior technical expertise, but also the business acumen and focus. It is this quality that puts Jason ahead of others, and allows him to deliver value to his end clients. Jason is an excellent team player and can think out-of-the-box. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who wants to build a successful, high value team.

Imran Aftab
Founder & CEO, 10Pearls

Jason was THE go-to person on our team for just about any project. His networking, sys admin, and programming skills were highly valued by our staff and particularly by our clients. I always knew if I handed a project or task to Jason, it would get done quickly and correctly.

Alec Berry
Freelance Consultant

Jason is great at getting code done. Give him a well written spec document, and he'll tear through it. At Opera he was able to handle Cold Fusion, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, and Perl without flinching (though we both grimaced at Cold Fusion). Jason was instrumental in porting the whole Cold Fusion mess to PHP and MySQL, which improved site usability and responsiveness.

Peter Beckman
Managing Director, Telusion, Inc.