Stand Together Arlington, VA
Senior Software Engineer (January 2023 - Present)
[job description coming soon]

JASON Learning Ashburn, VA
Director, Tech Infrastructure and Software Development (November 2018 - January 2023)
Provide full stack development using HTML, CSS, and Javascript for front-end development, as well as PHP, MySQL, and Apache for back-end development. Provide the overall company IT direction including infrastructure, equipment, and technologies. Provide technical support for day-to-day operations, as well as long term goals.

Lowers Risk Group Purcellville, VA
Senior PHP Developer (September 2016 - November 2018)
Provide front-end and back-end development for the retail FuseOS product PHP and the Phalcon framework. Work with many 3rd party service provider APIs to obtain background and verification information. Frontend implementation provided using HTML and CSS with JavaScript using jQuery and AngularJS.

Surefire Local Tysons, VA
Lead Technical Architect (March 2015 - August 2016)
Provide front-end and back-end architect for the Surefire Social monitoring products. Develop framework structures using PHP and CodeIgniter as well as minor work with Laravel frameworks. Work with many 3rd party APIs, such as Facebook, Goolge and Twitter, to gather SEO and social data for clients. Provide support for Word Press site development, such as custom theme development and custom plug-ins.

PockitShip Chantilly, VA
Senior Architect / Developer (August 2014 - March 2015)
Provide front-end and back-end architect for the PockitShip products. Develop framework structure using PHP and CodeIgniter. Develop and maintain the database structure for PockitShip applications in MySQL. Design and develop order management system. Work with 3rd party API groups to provide added support and functionality.

Celerity Tysons, VA
Senior Architect / Back-end Developer (April 2012 - August 2014)
<a href="" traget="-blank">National Geographic</a> (08/2013-08/2014): Provide system architect and back-end development for National Geographic’s Genographic Project. <br /><br /> <a href="" traget="-blank">Scripps Networks Interactive</a> (04/2012-08/2013): Provide system analysis and development of internal mobile API. Utilize CodeIgniter and PHP, as well as various CMS and databases, to provide custom integration with mobile applications for Food Network and Working on a conversion to a Java framework for all API calls. Work with vendors and internal API groups to develop applications for deployment on the Apple and Android marketplaces.

Time Warner Cable Herndon, VA
Senior Software Engineer (September 2009 - April 2012)
Provide system analysis and development of internal Microsoft SharePoint site to provide tracking of products which include cell towers, circuits and fiber. Utilize PHP and Oracle DB to provide custom reporting for sales and construction of products. Provide system analysis and deployment of a MediaWiki wiki for internal information sharing. Provide ongoing maintenance of the wiki as well as system upgrades and expansions. Utilize LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) technologies to provide tools to extend the functionality of the wiki. Provide database maintenance and general Unix administration in support of the wiki tool.

Paxfire Sterling, VA
Senior Developer (November 2008 - September 2009)
Design and maintain address bar search and DNS error redirection software for ISPs(Internet service providers) utilizing LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl) technologies. Provide ongoing maintenance of Paxfire code, as well as design and implementation of new functions. Participate in prototype development, product evaluation and testing.

Nor1 Inc Cupertino, CA
Director of Technology (June 2006 - October 2008)
Design and maintain guest upgrade system for hotels worldwide utilizing LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) technologies. Lead designer of applications to improve systems and add new functionality. Manage development and maintenance of projects from conception to delivery. Work directly with executive staff in order to suggest and acquire new technologies. Interact with hotel staff and technology departments to implement our system and develop new functions.

Opera Telecom USA Herndon, VA
Lead Developer / Manager (November 2004 - June 2006)
Utilizing LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl-PHP) technologies to provide commercial sales and distribution of mobile content. Design and maintain web-based PHP applications for sales of ring tones, graphic images, and text services for end users. Design and maintain WAP pages utilizing PHP to allow mobile access to customer bought content. Design and maintain software to allow communications between content and distribution aggregators, as well as front-end mobile content providers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Cingular. Leading the development team to provide new solutions, as well as maintaining and upgrading current projects. Involved in the full development cycle, from design to implementation. Provide technical consulting to upper management on new technologies and ideas. Provide technical consulting to networking and production staff on implementation, installation, and maintenance of production equipment and software.

Verisign Sterling, VA
Unix Engineer (November 2003 - November 2004)
On contract from Tek Systems onsite at Verisign to provide Unix system administration for Verisign’s internal network and system monitoring. Utilizing both open source and commercial network monitoring tools to ensure network health. Open source tools include Nagios for device monitoring and Cricket for history analysts. Commercial tools include SystemEdge work Windows system monitoring. Install, maintain and automate CVS repositories for monitoring configuration and deployment. Tools used for system administration are Shell Scripts, Perl, Secure Shell (SSH), Network Shell, and CVS.

CACI International Arlington, VA
Senior Systems Analyst (April 2002 - November 2003)
Contract with US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division. Provide systems analysis and design for Intranet using ASP, Perl, IIS and Windows NT/2000 technology. Design ASP and Perl tools for connection to Oracle database, as well as tools for extraction and reporting. Design reports in Crystal Report for electronic and paper distribution.

WS Packaging Group Algoma, WI
IT Consultant (February 2002 - March 2002)
Provide systems analysis and programming services, as well as project management to Tek Systems’ clients. Install, maintain and train clients on the administration and maintenance of CVS (Concurrent Versions System). Develop Perl and shell scripts to automate and simplify redundant tasks. Implement CVS and scripts on SCO Unix OS.

Exit1 Inc. Reston, VA
Senior Systems Analyst (March 1999 - November 2001)
Provide systems analysis and programming services to Exit1, Inc. clients for Internet/Intranet applications. Design web tools to automate redundant tasks, such as web page updates and database updates and queries. Design web based applications using Perl, PHP, ASP, JSP, C, CSS (style sheets), Javascript and Java. Utilize the BSD and Linux UNIX platform as well as Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Perform UNIX administration tasks such as kernel recompilation for new hardware, troubleshooting system degradation, Cyrus IMAP admin., DNS, Sendmail, crontab and software installation. Lead Programmer in the development of E-Commerce solutions using Cybercash solutions. Lead Database analyst using mSQL, MySQL, and Oracle solutions. Design wireless web applications for internal use, such as phone directories and information sites. Implement and maintain CVS repositories for project maintenance and versioning. Implement and maintain mailing list using Majordomo and Mailman software.

Noblestar Systems Reston, VA
IT Consultant (October 1996 - March 1999)
Provide system analysis and programming services to Noblestar clients for Internet/Intranet applications. Design front-end and back-end applications using Perl, C, and JavaScript. Utilize multiple platforms including Windows 3.x/95/NT, AIX, Solaris, HPUX, and various other UNIX platforms. Design modules in Perl and HTML for access to databases.

Computer Sciences Corp. Falls Church, VA
Senior Computer Technician (October 1994 - October 1996)
Provide technical support for PC’s ranging from 286s to Pentium and Macintoshes. Provide assistance for Novell Network 3.12. Install network connections and cards for users. Support all CSC buildings in the Washington/Baltimore area. Install TCP/IP software for users and various other internet software including Mosaic and Netscape. Provide back-up support for system administrators using Novell Netware 3.11.and 3.12. Provide support for SunOS UNIX systems as well as Linux PC workstations. Installed and maintained Windows NT server and Windows NT clients for Strayer College’s on-campus classroom. Publish documents in HTML for site WWW home page.

Hechinger Co. Landover, MD
Helpdesk Specialist (August 1994 - October 1994)
Answered calls from 80 store in support of computer equipment. Talked users through problem resolutions and access in-store UNIX computers remotely. Performed maintenance and remote fixes on UNIX machines. Acted as a liaison between the users and vendors for hardware repairs.

U.S. Navy Washington DC / Norfolk, VA
Data Processor Technician (August 1989 - August 1994)
Performed duties as a UNIX administrator and support for newly implemented workstations. Developed programs/patches to resolve software problems on implemented machines. Developed and programmed applications to track shipboard software and automate redundant tasks, track and inventory magnetic media, and track satellite costs for at-sea telecommunications. Responsible for first-level hardware/software trouble shooting for over 100 microcomputers ranging from 80286′s to 80486/DX2, with operating consisting evenly between MS-DOS and MS-Windows. Recommended hardware/software solutions and upgrades to clients and procured necessary materials accordingly. Acted as liaison between clients and vendors.